Anastasia Review- A journey to the Past

Anastasia opens to cheers and tears at the Dr. Phillips Center!

Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember watching my VHS copy of Anastasia. When I learned that one of my favorite stories was going to be brought to life on the big stage I just knew that I had to see it!

Anastasia opened up at the Broadhurst Theater in NYC in April 2017. While it did not have a very long run on Broadway, closing in March 2019. It has touched so many people with its amazing portrayal of a girl trying to find out who she is.

Anastasia follows the story of a young woman, trying to figure out her past so she can find her family. Set in 1927 Russia, the story begins with two men, Dmitry and Vlad, who learn that Anastasia may have survived the horrific attack that left her whole family dead. They aim to find a girl who can con the Dowager Empress into thinking she really is the lost Anastasia so that they can collect money. A girl named Anya seeks out Dmitry in search of a way for safe passage to Paris. They convince her that she could be the real Anastasia and groom her into the Grand Duchess. Gleb, a Russian General, catches wind of this scheme and tries to convince Anya that this is just a rouse and that the real Anastasia is dead. He is given orders that he is to kill Anya if she really is the real Anastasia.

The story continues with the three friends finding their way to Paris, seeking out the Empress to convince her that Anya is the real Anastasia she has been waiting for. Will the Dowager Empress believe Anya is Anastasia? Will Gleb find it in himself to kill Anya if she really is? Do Vlad and Dmitry collect the reward money? You will just have to catch the show to find out.

Lila Coogan does an amazing job bringing Anya to life on the stage. Her chemistry with Stephen Brower (Dmitry) is beautiful and really adds so much more to this wonderful story. Everything from the sets, to the singing and dancing from the ensemble, is just beautifully done. This show gave me everything I wanted and more. I was not disappointed and laughed and cried for the entirety of the show. It brought so much joy to my heart and by the end of the show, it left me wanting even more and to continue following the lives of these characters.

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You don’t want to miss out on this amazing show that will really take you on a Journey to the Past and Future of Anastasia. You can catch Anastasia at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando from May 14th – 19th 2019.

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I am a newlywed who loves spending my time at the parks or playing with my cats!

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