Tip Of The Day: Parking At Walt Disney World


Parking Spot and Rental Car. If you drove to a Disney Park, take a picture of your parking spot and the area markers nearby (parking row # and character marker) in the parking lot. After a full day in the parks, you may have forgotten where you’ve parked. A photographic reminder will certainly help you out! Some people forget what their rental car looks like. Take a picture of your rental car, including the plate #.

I’ve been to Disney countless times and I still get caught up in the excitement of getting into the park and not even paying attention to where I’ve parked. If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, you will understand what I am talking about. The parking lot at the Magic Kingdom alone has over 12,000 parking spaces! With the excitement of parking your car and running for a tram to the parks, most of the time people forget where they parked!

If you dont pay attention and didnt take my advise and took a picture, flag down Disney Security and let them know that you cannot find your car! If you remember what time you arrived at the lot, they can help direct you in where your car is! Hope this helps and check back soon for another tip of the day!

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