SunRail Update


Hi there! Kevin again from Orlando Fun and Food. Last week I reported on the opening of SunRail, Orlando’s new commuter rail service, and I finally got to ride it yesterday.
First of all, the train is nice and new, and the ride was very smooth. The passengers were all excited about riding the new train. People were talking to each other, and asking where they got on and where they were riding to. I got on at the Sand Lake Station which is the end of the line on the Southern section right now. I rode it up to DeBary which is the most Northern station right now.
The trains are still running late, and they are adding extra trains to cover the crowds. They are getting more riders than they thought they would. Mind you, it is still free for about another week. We were late leaving the Sand Lake Station by about 30 minutes. The train came in late, and people were trying to get on the train when the doors opened before the passengers getting off the train could get off. This is one of the reasons for the delays. It will be interesting to see how this will be worked out once we have to pay for the rides.

There were passengers on the train who were actually riding the train to get to school and work. For me, does it meet my needs? Right now, no. In a few years when they finish the expansion I will be able to get on at the Meadow Woods station, and ride it up to Orange City to have lunch with friends. But with no late night nor weekend service, for now, it truly is a commuter rail service. But, only for people who work Monday thru Friday.
The new train service is only one week old, and there are plans for expansion. Yesterday on the news it was said that they were going to extend SunRail to Orlando International Airport.I say give it time, and if you can, give it a try.

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