Something’s There for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Movie

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast leaves audiences with something that wasn’t there before!

I was able to attend a very special preview for Disney’s new live-action movie Beauty and the Beast. Disney has steadily been retelling some of their beloved classic films as live-action movies, such as the previously released Cinderella and The Jungle Book. Now if you are looking for a carbon copy of the original fan favorite, you may want to look elsewhere. The story line is indeed very similar, and the songs and characters are all there from the original animated feature, but there are loads more to look forward to in this version. I laughed and cried ( a lot) and I’m sure you all will too!

We start out with a beautiful girl, Belle, who has moved to a small town with her father. She doesn’t seem to quite fit in and all the townsfolk think she is rather odd. Her father, Maurice, is captured outside of town by a hideous beast and in order to save his life, Belle exchanges herself for him and is held captive as the Beast’s prisoner. She soon finds out that there has been a curse on placed his castle and that the staff has been enchanted as common household furniture. In order to break the spell put on them, the Beast must learn to love another and be loved in return, all before his enchanted rose sheds its last petal. Is Belle the girl to break the spell, or will she fall in love with the town’s most eligible bachelor, Gaston instead? This movie is truly about seeing past everyone’s outter appearance and learning not to judge a book by it’s cover.

Beauty and the Beast Movie

This movie is filled with anyone and everyone you could possibly wish! Emma Watson dazzles as the headstrong Belle and Dan Stevens shows us who the man behind the beast really is. You will even see some familiar faces such as Ewan McGregor, Ian Mckellan, and Emma Thompson as the household objects that are filled with life. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the ever hilarious Josh Gaad portray the loveable Le Fou, Gaston’s sidekick.

This movie journeys not only into the dark past of the Beast, but also show us a glimpse into the backstories of both Belle and Gaston (who just returned from a War!). You can still sing along to all your favorite classics such as Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast, but Howard Ashman and Alan Menken have also composed some enchanting new songs just for this adaption that are sure to become some of your new favorites.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Directed by brilliant Bill Condon, make sure you pull up a chair and try the grey stuff at a local theater near you! Disney’s Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17th!

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I am a newlywed who loves spending my time at the parks or playing with my cats!

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