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Disney On Ice Presents FrozenI had the opportunity to attend the last dress rehearsal of Disney On Ice presents Frozen! I wanted to pass on some information about the show as well as some pictures from the show, and some of the merchandise! As you all know, Frozen has taken over the world of Disney. With girls dreaming of being Anna and Elsa and parents loving Olaf, Frozen on Ice was sure to be a hit. We got a feeling for just how big it really was going to be when the tickets went on sale and sold out almost immediately. Luckily FELD just released more seats, but I know that they were going fast as well! I wanted to start out with some information about the show as well as some fun facts that was given to us last night!

The information for the show:

Enter a fantastical winter wonderland beyond all imagination at Disney On Ice presents Frozen! Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt. The heartwarming, Academy Award-winning tale you love is now LIVE and skating into your town. You’ll be magically whisked away into the wintery world of Arendelle, where you will be dazzled by amazing special effects and astonishing skating. Sing and dance along to inspiring songs, including “Let It Go.” Join royal sisters Elsa and Anna, the hilarious snowman Olaf, Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven and the mystical trolls as they journey to discover that true love is ultimately the most magical power of all!

Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney On Ice presents Frozen Presented by YoKids is performing at Amway Center in Orlando September 4-7, 2014.

Hosted by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, with special guest appearances by your most beloved Disney Princesses and characters from favorites like Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Disney’s The Lion King, this unforgettable celebration of love and friendship will leave your family with memories to last a lifetime.

Performances in Orlando will be held at the Amway Center, 400 West Church Street – Suite 200, Orlando, Florida 32801

Dates and Times of Performances:

Thursday, September 4 at 7:00 p.m.
Friday, September 5 at 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, September 6 at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 7 at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Fun Facts about the show:


  • Crew members who travel with the production: 15
  • Number of staff members with production: 5
  • Number of trucks it takes to transport production: 11
  • Number of buses it takes to transport cast, crew & staff: 2 buses for cast,1 for crew, 3 potentially for FCP, a few drive their own cars on tour
  • Number of cities on the 2014-2015 tour: 37
  • Average distance between cities: 482 miles
  • Longest trip of the 2014-2015 tour: 1423 miles – Toronto, Ontario to Dallas, TX
  • Shortest trip of the 2014-2015 tour: 12 miles –Newark, NJ to East Rutherford, NJ
  • Average size of ice skating surface 160 feet long, 70 feet wide

Facts about the costumes:

  • Number of yards of fabric used to make the costumes: THOUSANDS
  • Number of costumes in the show: 108
  • Number of costume pieces that make up the costumes: Over 650
  • Number of costumes per cast member: 1-5
  • Number of costume shops used to make the costumes: 8
  • Total number of people who worked on costumes: OVER 100
  • Unique Costume fact- Elsa Ice Queen Dress is all hand painted silk chiffon by Parsons-Meares, a world class costume shop in NYC
  • Elsa has her own unique Snowflake pattern
  • All 32 Trolls have a specific gender and a unique facial treatment

Review of the show:

When the show starts, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Minnie come out and introduce all of the friends that they brought along to the show, and the list is long! Many princesses and princes show up including Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel as well as some of your favorite Disney characters from The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Toy Story and more! Once the Disney characters come out, it is time to tell the ultimate love story!

It starts out with two little girls who are best friends…. Wait! We all know the story of Frozen! The show sticks to the story line, and showcases the biggest songs from the movie. The costumes were simply amazing and were elegant and very detailed! There was also a lot of amazing special effects for this show including firework effects, a huge monster who chases Olaf, and a Olaf that was controlled by someone when he falls apart! The skating was also amazing! The skaters in this show are world class, and perform some amazing tricks like flips, jumps and lifts!

There is a brief intermission for this show for kids who need to go to the bathroom, grab drinks, and of course buy their favorite merchandise from the show!

At the end of the show, all the Disney characters as well as the Frozen cast skate around and interact together while it is snowing in the arena! Overall, I thought this show was amazing. It kept my attention and entertained me. Best part of the show for me was watching all the small kids around me recite the entire show and singing out their hearts when the music played. Frozen has really seemed to impact a ton of children around the world, and this show will be no different! If you can, get a ticket and see this show! I even had someone with me who had never seen Frozen and the first thing they said was that they needed to go buy the movie!

Are you planning to see Disney on Ice presents Frozen? If so let me know what you are excited to see! If not, do you want to go? Comment below and let us know!

My name is Jason Mayhew, and I am the owner of OFF On The Go. When not traveling with the website, I own my own marketing and PR company, J Mayhew Marketing. I have the best job where I get to travel the world and showcase the most amazing and unique experiences!

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Jason Mayhew

My name is Jason Mayhew, and I am the owner of OFF On The Go. When not traveling with the website, I own my own marketing and PR company, J Mayhew Marketing. I have the best job where I get to travel the world and showcase the most amazing and unique experiences!

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