Despicable Me 3 Movie Review

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 is the third installment in the hilarious franchise. This movie brings in, even more, laughter and fun than the two preceding movies.

Despicable Me 3

Returning to the screen are some of your favorite characters including Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, and Lucy, voiced by Kristen Wiig. Some new characters are introduced in this film including Gru’s long lost brother Dru, and a new villain, Balthazar Bratt, voiced by Trey Parker.

In the latest film, we follow Gru as he has given up his life of villainy and now works for the Anti-Villain League with his wife Lucy. After failing to capture Bratt, he is fired from his job with the league. His minions hope that he will return to being a villain, but Gru instead decides to take his family to visit his long lost brother Dru.

As a front, Dru tells them that they come from pig farmers, but in actuality, the family descends from a long line of villains. While Gru went to live with his mother after being separated from his brother, his brother Dru is raised by their villainous father but does not quite live up to the family name. Dru hopes that his newfound brother will help to teach him how to be a proper villain in order to make their recently departed father proud of him.

The brothers set out to steal the diamond back from Bratt. Gru must deal with his brother not being the best sidekick or villain when they steal back the diamond. While Gru has different intentions than his brother with what to do with the diamond when it is in their hands, he doesn’t want to disappoint his brother or family and must make a hard decision. While the brothers are bonding over becoming supervillains, Lucy must learn what it means to be a mother to their three girls. Agnes and Edith set out to capture a real live unicorn in the nearby woods, and hope it is just as fluffy as Agnes expects it to be. Meanwhile, Lucy pushes Margo into a comfortable position and they must face the repercussions from it. Will it bond them or will Lucy have to try even harder to be the best mom she can be? What will happen to the diamond in the end, but most importantly, who will win the epic dance battle between Gru and Bratt?

This movie is jam packed with comedy and will have your crying from laughter. The minions are just as hilarious as they have been in the previous movies! The music is awesome since Bratt is a retired 80’s movie star and prefers to dance battle to classic 80’s songs whenever he possibly can. This movie is rated PG and great fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Make sure you check out Despicable Me 3 at a local theater near you when the movie opens on June 30th!

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