Comfort Food In Orlando — Lone Star Steakhouse

Kevin here from Orlando Fun And Food. Gee, what a hot July we had, and now we are into August, and it is still hot. Hope everyone is enjoying their time here in Orlando before school starts back up.

Lonestar 1
When I say steak, I say lone Star Steakhouse. I have been eating there for years and years, and have never had a bad steak. They only have one location in Orlando and it is 8850 Vineland Ave, Orlando Fl. Phone is 407-827-8225. It is near the corner that you turn to go to The Catholic Church, Mary Queen of the Universe. It is also next door to Landry’s Seafood Restaurant. But lets get back to steak.

Lonestar 2 Lonestar 3
They have the same offerings as the other chain steakhouses. They have cheese fries, and their version of the blooming onion. They will start you off with a salad, which I pick the house salad with ranch dressing. Hot yeast rolls will come with your salad. What I get is the Delmonico ribeye, medium well, with a totally loaded baked potato. And I add a side of 5 fried shrimp.
This has a full bar, and a very Western motif inside. Think Texas, get it, Lone Star. I have been to the other two famous steakhouses, but I like Lone Star the best. I am a creature of habit. Sorry to say with only one location if you are not in the Disney area near Crossroads, you may have a drive ahead of you. But, if you are in that area, and hungry for steak, try out Lone Star Steakhouse.

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