Comfort Food In Orlando — Five Guys Burgers

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Hey everyone, Kevin here from Orlando Fun And Food. It has been a hot and wet July so far. The year is half over, so lets hope for cooler weather soon.

Todays comfort food is Five Guys Burgers and Fries. To me, this is the best fresh made hamburgers in Orlando in the fast food market. Why? Because they make it fresh as you order it, and you choose what toppings you want on your burger. I usually order the cheese burger with a small or little order of regular fries. They have three sizes, and you can get them cajun style. Now let me tell you about the burgers. When you order a cheese burger it comes with two patties. You can order a small burger, and it is the same size bun, but only comes with one patty. They are so hot and fresh, and have a great taste. There is no drive thru, so you will have to eat them there. I would not take them to go as you want to have that nice hot taste.

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I am not fond of the fast food places that precook the burgers, and keep them in steam trays, and put them together when you place your order. The buns are not hot, and the cheese is not melting. Five Guys also has hot dogs, a veggie sandwich, and a grilled cheese sandwich. If you like good hamburgers, and have not been to Five Guys yet, I suggest you give it a try. On these too hot to cook days, it would be a nice break for the cook. There are many location all around Orlando.

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