The Baby Care Centers at Disney World

While visiting Walt Disney World with a child under the age of 5 you need to know where the Baby Care Centers are located. This is a place in each park where you can change diapers, feed and give your little prince or princess a little time to relax from the parks.


Inside of The Baby Care Centers you will find a nursing room, a large changing room, a washroom with small toilets for potty trainers, a feeding room with a microwave, highchairs, small tables and chairs along with the T.V. playing a Disney movie, as well as a small selection of baby care items available for purchase. In fact, even the vending machines in the park’s restrooms sell a reasonably priced “diaper emergency kit” for sale.

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There is one baby changing station located in each theme park. The locations are on the park maps or ask a castmember for directions.A good tip to keep inmind is to know that the First Aid Stations are located near all of The Baby Care Centers.

  • Magic Kingdom: The Baby Care Center is between Casey’s and the Crystal Palace.
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: The Baby Care Center is in the same building as Guest Relations.
  • Epcot: The Baby Care Center is located in the Odyssey building, witch is close to the Mexico pavilion.
  • Animal Kingdom: It’s in the building next to Pizzafari. This one is a bit of a challenge to find, but Hey! your in Animal Kingdom and your on an adventure.


Always grab a map on the way into the Disney Parks, the legend on each of the different park maps has a blue and white pacifier that represents The Baby Care Centers.




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