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Today, I got the chance to get a behind the scenes look at what all it takes to put on the Festival of Trees at the Orlando Museum of Art! The Festival of Trees, which opens this Saturday to the general public, is a special exhibit that comes to the Museum of Art each year and showcases the most beautiful setting of christmas trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses, house settings and anything else you may need to make your house festive this holiday season! In case you want some more detailed information on the Festival of Trees or to purchase tickets, check out my article I did a few weeks ago here!

The Festival of Trees is an Orlando tradition for many people, however this was my first year going. The Festival runs from November 15th until the 23rd and tickets are now on sale. I wanted to share some of the pictures from this year’s festival with you guys to show you exactly why you need to attend this year! Today, they were setting up for the event so I got a good mix of completed trees and displays and to also talk and interact with some of the designers!



When you enter the rotunda you are met by a massive 20 foot tree that towers over the entrance way. This tree stands as the centerpiece of this event and is very impressive as far as size and beauty! As you make your way into the actual museum and exhibit area you are met by one of the most breathtaking displays that I have ever seen. The theme was a rustic theme the showcased antlers, flickering candles, as well as a beautiful dining room table that was dressed for the holidays! I had a chance to talk to the designer of the display and was shocked to find out that he put it together in just 7 hours!


The next area I looked at showcased gingerbread houses that were made by different businesses in the area. My favorites included a house with a waterwheel as well as a house that showed Santa and his helpers relaxing before all the toys had to be delivered! I then looked at some of the trees that were decorated by both businesses, local artists and people from the community! All of the trees were beautiful and each one of them had something special about it that made it unique! I could spend hours just admiring all the hard work and dedication of each and every tree!


Two areas that I also enjoyed were the Entertaining by Design area as well as the Festival Boutique. The Entertaining by Design area showcases table settings, gift cards, jewelry and other awesome giveaways that will be raffled off to lucky patrons of the Festival of Trees! The boutique is a shop that showcases some of the coolest decoration and gifts for your loved ones this holiday season!

The Orlando Museum of Art describes the different areas as follows:


Trees & Vignettes / Deck the Halls
Stroll through the galleries to view the beautiful designer decorated trees available for sale and the holiday vignettes. Walk down Deck the Halls filled with uniquely custom designed centerpieces, wreaths, small trees and garlands for sale.

Gingerbread Village
Visit the Gingerbread Village where local professional bakers have designed magical gingerbread houses for display and sale.

Toyland Town & Shop
The Toyland Town activity area abounds with creative crafts, fun games and jolly ole’ Santa arriving from the North Pole to greet children of all ages at scheduled times.
Stop by the Toyland Town Shop to purchase some children items priced especially for small pockets.

Entertaining by Design
Win an elegant table setting that could become a beautiful addition to your holiday entertaining, jewelry, gift certificates to some of your favorite restaurants and stores and other exciting items for a lucky drawing winner at the Festival Finale.

Festival Boutique
The Festival Boutique showcases local merchant’s one-of-a-kind items and holiday furnishings that make it the perfect place to begin and end your season’s shopping.

Special Displays
Savor the exquisite collections displayed during the Festival from private collectors, friends and Council of 101 members.

Festival Café
Relax and enjoy a light lunch or just some sweets with your family and friends in the Festival Café.

I loved all the amazing displays at the Orlando Museum of Art! I can see why the Festival of Trees is in it’s 28th year and also why it is a tradition for a lot of families in the Orlando area! After getting a sneak peek at the Festival of Trees, I know that I will be bringing my family back and that it will become a yearly tradition for us as well! Check out my post from a few weeks ago again to buy tickets and to see special days for the Festival of Trees such as the Black Tie Gala, Senior day as well as the Reindeer Romp Children’s Party!

Have you ever been to the Festival of Trees? If so, what did you think? If not what would you love to see this year? Comment below and let us know!

My name is Jason Mayhew, and I am the owner of OFF On The Go. When not traveling with the website, I own my own marketing and PR company, J Mayhew Marketing. I have the best job where I get to travel the world and showcase the most amazing and unique experiences!

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Jason Mayhew

My name is Jason Mayhew, and I am the owner of OFF On The Go. When not traveling with the website, I own my own marketing and PR company, J Mayhew Marketing. I have the best job where I get to travel the world and showcase the most amazing and unique experiences!

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